Ergonomically Speaking….


If you are not sure about the ergonomic safety of your office, you may answer the questions below:

  1. Is your office ergonomic compliant? (Does it have the correct equipment for use?)
  2. Do you know how to adjust your equipment for effective use and safety?
  3. Has your office done any ergonomic assessment in the last six months?


GET THE GIST – Understand your Body, Health and your furniture!

GET IT RIGHT- A comfortable and safe workplace is a productive workplace!

DO IT RIGHT!- Happy Employees make happy Clientele.



Is Your Workstation A Pain Station? — Amanda Ergonomics Consultants

One more day! another day at work, another additional painful 8 hours at work? does this sound like you? or your workplace? How often do you think you can put up with anymore pain at work? physical pain from skeletal muscles flying around your head, neck, behind your eyes, jaws, shoulders and radiating down your […]

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It’s amazing how our bodies were made, not to be static but for movement. however, we have developed poor habits of been static each day unintentionally and sometimes due to laziness. In recent times, the workplace has become the factory for body pains,musculoskeletal injuries and mental breakdown. This issues has resulted from employees working without […]

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Have you ever wondered if your workplace cares about you or just interested in your contribution and nothing else? Care can be defined with many terms but in this particular instance with regards to your health and well-being. And again not just talking about HMOs, but at work, working conditions on site, your workstation, YOU […]

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Your Lifestyle and Workplace Ergonomics

When your body feels stiff and crunchy at work what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? you might be thinking oh I sat for too long, or stood for too long, perhaps bent down for so long, or lifted so many heavy items in a few hours. Yeah sure, all these can be […]

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What’s Wrong With Your Workplace?

On the way to work each day, I think to myself, is my day going to be free of that cranking noise, body aches, excessive cold and yelling boss? This may be you or some other person. Workplaces should be a place where you can freely express yourself while you work, input ideas and enjoy […]

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Ergonomics and Yoga at Work

Recently I have been exploring how Yoga can help to realign the mind and posture of individuals in their occupational setting to prevent and minimise trauma to the different parts of the body and restore flexibility and comfort at work. Spending so many hours at workstations without giving room for the body to recover causes […]

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